Company history


PAV was established as ‘Paul Albrechts Verlag’, a publishing house, in the town of Stolp (Pomerania) the year 1925. The company has been in family ownership to this day. The business is managed by Dr Ingrid Toebe-Albrecht and Isabel Hoeftmann-Toebe.

New start in Schleswig-Holstein

Until 1944, the company grew to become an important form printing works with an affiliated enterprise in Berlin. In 1945, at the end of the war, everything created until then had been destroyed. The printing works in Berlin was bombed, and the plant in Stolp was closed down. Paul Albrechts Verlag was re-started in 1946 in Sandesneben, in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. The foundation stone for the company's own building was laid in 1948.
In 1956, the company relocated to Luetjensee. After purchasing its first web offset press in 1957, Paul Albrechts Verlag specialised in printing forms.


Becoming a leading printer of continuous forms

In 1972, the company began producing continuous forms. A new building with a sawtooth roof was built in 1972 to accommodate the expansion into continuous form printing. In 1986, the mailing service was added to the existing portfolio of products and services. In 1992, Paul Albrechts Verlag started operations in a newly-built form printing works in the district of Luetjensee-Dwerkaten.

Establishment of a subsidiary for card production

PAV Card GmbH was established as a subsidiary in 1991, before the official launch of health insurance cards. In 1993, PAV began producing the first health insurance cards in Germany and still counts today among the market leaders in that field. In 1995, the family-owned company acquired international recognition when it developed contactless chip cards using a lamination technique.

Innovation as a basis for the future

In 1997, PAV once again proved itself to be an innovative enterprise, with a focus on output management. Since then, PAV has been producing, generating, managing and distributing electronic and physical documents to external recipients. In 2006, also began specialising in series production of RFID inlays for ePassports. The Schmidt-Römhild Technology Prize was awarded to PAV by the state of Schleswig-Holstein in 2007 for its development of RFID inlays. More awards in the field of RFID/Auto-ID followed in the years 2013 and 2014.

Co-development of the electronic health card (eGK)

PAV was involved from the outset in developing the ‘electronic health card’ (elektronische Gesundheitskarte – eGK). Production of eGKs, including eGK picture management, has been located at the Luetjensee site since October 2011.

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