Awareness of responsibility at all levels

PAV is a renowned supplier of print products, output services, plastic cards, RFID solutions and IT services for global players in every industry. These include the health, insurance and financial services industries, a well as public-sector enterprises. Our various business units operate with their own respective brand names under the PAV umbrella. We exploit the benefits provided by our shared knowledge and experience. The family-owned company is domiciled in the town of Lütjensee and has been managed purely by members of the proprietor family since it was founded in the year 1925. This structure ensures long-term financial stability and provides continuity for the workforce.

The business model of PAV is geared to sustainable and profitable growth. We have achieved leading market positions thanks to our high-quality products, our deep commitment to data protection, our innovations and the personal dedication and commitment of our employees. These are continuously advanced with new technologies and fields of business.

Innovation and quality

Innovations are the basis for our future and for cost-efficient processes that deliver value-added to our customers. That is why we identify the needs of our customers at an early stage and jointly develop solutions with them. High quality standards are set when doing so. These standards apply not only to our products and services, but also to our processes. PAV guarantees those standards with an all-embracing quality system and quality awareness. In addition to numerous certifications, our employees’ awareness of quality parameters is raised by regular internal audits.

Customer focus

Customer satisfaction is writ large at PAV. Optimal customer support, high product quality, adherence to deadlines and optimal service are the tools we use to achieve such satisfaction.

Security and data protection

Automated data processing is an indispensable element of business and social life. ‘Informational self-determination’ is of key importance for all our business units. PAV collects, processes and uses personal data on behalf of others. The purpose of data processing depends on the respective specialised task that the data were collected to perform. Our staff are committed to maintain confidentiality. PAV takes technical and organisational steps to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data.

PAV’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) has been certified in accordance with ISO 27001, thus documenting the security and quality of our business processes for our customers and partners. That standard also forms the basis for identifying and controlling specific information security risks.


PAV is aware of its social responsibility. For that reason, we also play an active role in other areas besides business, for example in culture and sport.

Wise management of resources

Protecting the environment is a fundamental element of our corporate responsibility. To that end, PAV has implemented a comprehensive eco-management system in recent years. This forms the basis for all environment-related activities of the company.


PAV fosters the skilling of its employees in ways that develop their occupational skills and knowledge, in order to achieve a permanently high level of efficiency and quality.

Zertifizierte Leistungen

Prüfzeichen 27001
Prüfzeichen ISO 9001
Prüfzeichen ISO 14001
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