Procurement – successful together!

Our goal is to establish an end-to-end supply system based on partnership with efficient, high-quality suppliers. The requirements we set are challenging. In working with you, we want to set standards for efficiency, reliability and quality. In return, we offer our partners a long-standing business relationship based on trust, with good growth prospects!

Would you like to become a supplier and partner of PAV? Then contact us or apply online and by email after completing the supplier questionnaire. We look forward to hearing from you!

Your PAV Procurement Team

The products we buy:

Products procured by PAV Card GmbH: ICs/modules/chip modules, contactless/ contact-based (e.g. Atmel, Infineon, Legic, Microchip, NXP, STM), films (ABS, PC, PETG, PVC), synthetic paper, magnetic stripes, signature foils, thermo-transfer ribbons, labels and cardboard packaging, mailing envelopes, coating and packaging of film and paper, etc.

Products procured by Paul Albrechts Verlag GmbH: paper (rolls/formats): offset/continuous laser, OCR, SD, coated, recycling, dyes (for conventional, UV, inkjet, laser, offset and digital printing) for paper and plastic films, packaging material, etc.
Plant and machinery: card production, personalisation, inspection, enveloping machines, printing machines, logistics facilities, etc., including services in the fields of modernisation, automation, maintenance and repair.

In addition: all consumables and services required by a modern industrial enterprise operating in the fields of: printing – mailing – cards – RFID/NFC.

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