Chip cards – with and without a brain

A chip card is a plastic card with an integrated chip. A distinction is made between two basic types of chip card: cards containing a storage chip, and cards containing an intelligent processor. Most chip cards have a data storage chip. This kind of chip card is used wherever data storage is all that is important – as is the case with telephone or customer cards.

In addition to these simple storage chip cards, there is also a growing demand for chip cards with an integrated microcontroller. These are always used for security applications, for example for logging onto a central computer of a university, or for payment transactions. The chip on such cards has its own operating system. The benefit: data can not only be stored, but also processed and encrypted. That means that different applications can be configured freely and strictly separately from each other in respect of size, access rights management, security levels and password management.

Successful deployment of these electronic aids involves complex production processes. Since 1991, many companies and institutions have benefitted from our extensive know-how in the field of chip cards. We make the cards ourselves and implant the chips in them. We also handle the encoding and initialisation of cards with storage chips or microprocessors. If so required, we also provide card mailing for sending the cards to your customers.

Do you need a photo of the card holder on your chip cards for identification purposes? Our professional image management system helps you collect the photos of employees or members. The photos can be acquired by mail, Internet upload or MMS.

Besides PVC cards, we also offer heat-resistant cards, for example, made of PC or PET.

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