Happy customers with contactless cards

Among other uses, contactless cards are deployed for access control, time tracking, as tickets for public transport or as cards for spas and tourist areas. PAV can supply you with RFID cards containing chips made by NXP, LEGIC and Infineon, the RFID market leaders.

Additional security features, such as holograms, can be integrated in the cards on request. Microprocessor cards are are used whenever applications involve a security dimension, for example in closed payment systems. The chip on such cards has its own operating system. The benefit: data can not only be stored, but also processed and encrypted. That means that different applications can be configured freely and strictly separately from each other in respect of size, access rights management, security levels and password management. The data are preferably transmitted in accordance with the DIN ISO EN 14443 standard.

We can also provide two chips in one (hybrid) card, if need be. One example of how a hybrid card can be deployed: a globally operating company uses different card types for access control at its various locations. Employees who work at several locations can be given easy access to the respective buildings using just one card, thanks to an appropriate solution designed for this case.

Customised antenna layouts also enable us to change the shape of the card, or to include slotted holes for card clips.

All cards are produced in our high-security, ISO 27001-certified zone, which meets the very toughest security requirements.

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