Heat-resistant cards

Besides PVC, we also produce cards from polycarbonate (PC) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Both these plastic materials make the cards particularly resistant to heat.

PC and PET cards are therefore suitable for hot region, for example the United Arab Emirates or South America, where temperatures in summer can rise to 45 degrees Celsius, or even to 65 degree Celsius inside cars. PVC starts to melt at 60 degrees.

Our PC and PET cards are heat-resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius. That means that, in Abu Dhabi, an official ID card can be left behind in the car during a lunch break without having to worry about it, and that a card machine in a Toronto car park does not need to be emptied until the evening. These cards are also exceptionally tough, so they can be used for up to ten years.

Zertifizierte Leistungen

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Prüfzeichen ISO 9001
Prüfzeichen ISO 14001
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