Print products

We are a full-service printing works located near Hamburg. Customised digital and offset printing solutions are supplied to our customers from an extensive portfolio of products and services. You, too, can benefit from our many years of experience. We are a one-stop shop for all your printing needs and provide end-to-end support from initial idea to the final printed product. No idea is too exotic for us to implement. Whatever your needs, be it multipage forms or simple business cards, we can always find the right solution. Typography and layout can also be left to us. We use standard software such as QuarkXPress and InDesign.

Our product range

  • Continuous forms and tear-off form sets, e.g. delivery notes and invoice sets, stock forms, medical forms
  • Application forms, e.g. pre-personalised application forms for the insurance and financial services industry, care of the elderly, application brochures, log sheets and questionnaires
  • Forms and brochures with integrated labels/integrated plastic card, e.g. logistics or laboratory forms with labels, letterhead with service card
  • Laser printing forms, e.g. as rolls, stacks or DIN-A4 sheets, for printing centres or further processing in lettershops
  • Carbonless form sets (also for printing by laser printers)

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