Access control – More safety and security with RFID cards

Companies attach high priority to protection of their facilities. Although premises can be protected against unauthorised access by means of standard key-based solutions, if a key is lost it is then necessary to replace the locks. The costs involved are much less when companies use RFID cards for access control. Conventional keys are replaced by cards that can simply be blocked if lost or stolen. When systems are designed accordingly, each individual employee can also be assigned specific access rights so that they can move freely in the buildings.

As card manufacturers, we work closely with system integrators. The focus is on access control. PAV supplies a large selection of contactless cards, such as MIFARE® and LEGIC®:

  • LEGIC® prime MIM 256, ISO 15693
  • LEGIC® prime MIM 1024, ISO 15693
  • LEGIC® advant ATC128-MV210, ISO 15693
  • LEGIC® advant ATC256-MV210, ISO 15693
  • LEGIC® advant ATC1024-MV110, ISO 15693
  • LEGIC® advant ATC2048-MP110, ISO 14443 A
  • LEGIC® advant ATC4096-MP110, ISO 14443 A
  • LEGIC® CTC4096-MP410, ISO 14443 A
  • LEGIC® card-in-card, ISO 14443 A

All cards are produced in our high-security, ISO 27001-certified zone, which meets the very toughest security requirements.

  • MIFARE® Classic 1k
  • MIFARE® Classic 4k
  • MIFARE® Ultralight C
  • MIFARE® Plus
  • MIFARE DESFire® EV1 2k
  • MIFARE DESFire® EV1 4k
  • MIFARE DESFire® EV1 8k
  • SmartMX 36k/72k
  • I-Code SL2 128byte
  • I-Code SLI, ISO 15693, 13,56 MHz
  • my-d SRF55V02P
  • my-d SRF55V02S
  • my-d SRF55V10P
  • my-d SRF55V10S
  • SAM cards for your reader
  • Other card types

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Prüfzeichen ISO 14001
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