Passport inlays: Innovation for your safety and security

Almost every country in the world has been investing for years in electronic passports. The aim here is to enhance the safety and security of international travel, which has been constantly on the increase. The ID product based on RFID technology allows passport data to be read contactlessly and provides a maximum level of security and integrity.
In 2007, PAV was chosen, on account of its highly advanced production technology, for one of the first field tests in the world for e-passports in Europe. Today, the family-owned company supplies numerous states with inlays for e-passports and ID cards.

The inlays, made of synthetic paper or polycarbonate, can be embedded in any conventional passport. They can be integrated in the passport cover or in the data page. Inlay production at PAV has been evaluated by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

PAV is also well prepared for the new SAC (Supplemental Access Control) security standard for ID cards that will apply from 2015 onwards. For example, the family-owned company participated, as the only German producer of RFID inlays for electronic travel documents, in the SDW InterOp interoperability tests conducted by secunet Security Networks.

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