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PAV supports numerous operators of multistorey car parks worldwide by producing parking cards. PAV can supply you with contactless cards using HF technology or also in combination with UHF.

Smart parking in a Canadian zoo

With more than 1.2 million visitors a year, Toronto Zoo is Canada’s biggest. The high visitor frequency poses many challenges for car park management at the zoo. The parking facilities are used by around 250,000 vehicles a year.
Every visitor is given a contactless parking card at the respective entrance terminal.The cards returned at the card machines at the exits are collected by zoo staff in the evening so that they can be re-used the next day.

Special challenges were posed, above all, by the need for the cards to withstand heat, as summer temperatures in Toronto can be as high as 35°C. Indeed, temperatures of up to 75°C are measured in the free-standing terminals. The cards are therefore made of polycarbonate, which gives them a thermal resistance for up to 120°C. Due to the slightly matt card surface, scratches or similar signs of use are not immediately visible, thus giving the parking cards a long-lasting, good appearance.

The type of chip that is processed is the LEGIC prime 1024. LEGIC is mostly used for applications such as access control, time tracking, cashless billing systems and ticketing.

The RFID modules can be combined with other contactless and contact technologies.

Our services

  • Card encoding
  • Card material: polycarbonate, so heat resistant to 120°C
  • Processing of TRW film
  • Graphic design
  • Chip type: LEGIC prime 1024

Contactless card gives the Allgäu region a boost

PAV is implementing the Allgäu-Walser Card according to specifications defined by the rural district of Oberallgäu and the municipality of Mittelberg (Kleinwalsertal). The contactless card simplifies the registration of residents and tourists and gives guests and local inhabitants cashless or reduced-price access to regional infrastructure facilities such as car parks.

The system includes an intelligent billing and clearing system that allows all those participating to offer their own package deals or lump-sum prices and to bill accordingly. The card also satisfies every requirement in respect of data protection, of course. The Allgäu-Walser Card is well received. Many municipalities create tailor-made service packages for their guests and use the card for marketing purposes.

Within a short space of time, the Allgäu-Walser Card has become the most important medium for active holidays in the Oberallgäu and Kleinwalsertal region. We thank PAV for working so well with us to implement without a hitch one of the most innovative and ambitious projects in the whole Alpine region.

Tanja Dylus, Project Manager, Allgäu-Walser Card

Our services

  • Card encoding
  • Processing of TRW film
  • Personalisation of cards
  • Chip type LEGIC prime 1024
  • Parking Management
  • Tourism

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