Easier boarding with eTickets

eTickets are the next generation of tickets for local public transport. Many transport organisations are currently introducing electronic tickets on a step-by-step basis. Implementing such an ambitious project requires extensive know-how.

PAV has been commissioned by several public transport enterprises to provide a wide range of card-related services. The chips use are contactless controller chips for the VDV (German Association of Transport Enterprises) core application. Logical and physical data, such as the applicable ticket rate and the UID of each card are encode and personalised onto such chips by PAV.

The eTickets are sent to subscribers through our lettershop as soon as they are produced. To ensure that the electronic tickets reach the right recipients, each RFID chip is read out in our high-security zone before being enveloped, and compared with the assigned address.

A photo of the card holder can also be printed onto the eTicket to provide additional protection against abuse.

Our services

  • Personalisation and encoding of cards
  • Card material: PVC
  • Card mailing
  • Chip type: VDV (German Association of Transport Enterprises) core application

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